Us At Dusk

Will you come to me at dusk?

When the sun’s fallen and duties done?

Will you run to me,

Like the dog after my car?

Purposelessly yet passionately?


Will I be your reason or will I be your refuge?

Am I just somebody or your only muse?

I’m grateful for the night

It’s not scary! Not even close.

Darkness brings closure.

To the day. To reality.

To pretentions and calamity.


I loathe the day.

The eyes that see. Me and you.

So judgmentally.

How the sun simply magnifies our flaws.

Are we criminals against the law?

How every crease and every fold,

every hair becomes a story told.

As the world runs on it, the flaws.

Every business looking to extract it with their new technological claws.

But will, you. Run to me?

Will you. Be able to see?

The heart behind it all?

Be it winter,spring or fall?

If I’m cold, will I have your warmth?


Will you forget the world, only for the night

Like I forgot my lovers and my might?

Could you in this darkness.

Make me believe, I’m your goddess?

Close yours eyes and forget to look?

Let’s for once not use our minds.

No, not even our eyes.


We’ve looked too much, judged too much.

Oh, this blessed dusk,

Let’s fall in love and discover our own musk.

Let the scents fill  the room.


Discover me and I’ll you.

No makeup or clothes.

Just our fingers and toes!

So will you come to me at dusk

When the suns fallen and duties done?




We’re all a little too tired, a little too naive.

Searching, roaming,running, hunting. For something, somewhere.

But where and who?

All of us carrying gadgets and headphones. There are so many means to connect and yet no connection?

In the latest ringtones, in the lyrics of our favourite songs, in text messages, on facebook, in each laughter and tear. We search.

In pain too… especially in pain.

Who will cross paths? Who’ll come and never go?

We’re searching, I’m searching.

Till our last breath.

For something.

A bond, a somebody or something that’ll cure us from a disease; Unknown.

From this constant tiredness of living. In the midst of it all, we’re searching.

Something that will give us an abnormal feeling, some feeling that can’t be written or said.

Beyond jealousy, beyond trust , beyond crappy.

we search.

Maybe it’s a word the world hasn’t created. Maybe it’s bliss.

Maybe it’s just a search.