Your Shoulder.

   An escape from the world,

a fantasy or maybe a fairy tale, I don’t know.

Like running away from the evils of this life,

From the constant commotion and piercing noises to           peace.

From fake laughter to smiles that could reach.

It’s a place more real than this.

Where your shoulder was my shield against this world.

Where I can shed tears without worrying

where idioticness of lust are not overpowering

because on your shoulder,

I can hear your heart beat,

and I know transient are my own feet.

It’s my home, my security

not plain serendipity.

But is that the same everywhere?

Does everyone have that pure love to share?

Explain to me exactly how this life is fair!

Till then I’ll keep living

walk along, and lip sing

Reside in this world of insecurity

Your shoulder is so far away , it’s a pity.

Illogical Love That Never Seems To End.

A cold breeze passes by, showing its dominance on nature and me. Even my favorite red checkered polo shirt can’t seem to resist it. I’m strong I tell myself , this wind is pleasant I say and there you are standing so close to me and yet so far away as I my teeth chatter and feet swing  in restlessness.

You and you’re mocking smiles. I’m so cold and yet your smile sends rushes of heat through me.

What you think and what I imagine are so very different. I’m wishing you would hold me with those hands made to perfection, but you just hope I go inside and get some heat.

I’m so bold so independent, or so I think. I can beat up a person in seconds I believe, but in front of you?

I realize how tiny I am, how fragile and how careless.

The breeze blows harder, I curse it for making me so helpless and silently I thank it for he may give me his warmth.

So naïve, so illogical!

But he? So right, so logical, so true.  How foolish I feel in his presence. “In your dreams”; I whisper to myself, I know it’s not right. But that’s who I am with him.

As though a beggar asking for money, with gleams of hope shining through his eyes. I ask myself, “When did I become this?” That’s what he calls dependence, as I stare at his face.

The breeze, now suddenly a magical element of goodness brings with it chilly drops of drizzle along.

 Rain! I want to scream!

I know he’s smiling now, it always rains! It’s my best friend because it comes along and reminds us of the all the meetings we ever had.

Wishes, dreams, fantasy is my world. Reality, logic, thrill is his.

I want to dance and smile ,laugh and cry ! I want to feel rain wet my curls and spread its scent, hoping he’ll remember how much he cherished admiring them. How rain made him think of miracles of life,  he hardly believed in. How the scent of my perfume and hair made him happy, how I once made him smile..

Just then I feel his arms embrace me, always been my savior! Both know it is oh so wrong. So many mixed feelings jumble up in my mind and I can’t decide how within  seconds my perceptions have dramatically changed. How in a minute I can fall for him and never realize how my heart converts “This is not right” to “This is perfect”.

It isn’t.. He still stands straight and numb; I know a thousand thoughts cross his mind. I want to pull away.

The irony!

Now its summer, the wind still blows but it doesn’t send shivers down my spine instead disgusts me with its heat.

I wait, for you to come around again, so it’ll rain

Let’s see what’s in store for us this time.

He to the she

Of all the miseries,

after all the sacrifices she makes,

and all the risks she takes.

After dating all the girls he could find,

all the craziness he tried

finally ties the knot of her heart and his mind!

Different worlds , different people.

For her he changes,

opens her fairytale pages

for which she always waited.

More than lust,

more than mere trust!

He’s a shoulder to lean,

the one to  wipe her tears.

whisper words of love and remove all her fears.

Adam and eve,

barbie and ben,

eternal love ? Or perfect ten?

Earth without water?

There’s he in she

Man in woman,

They are meant to be,

can’t you just see ?

Perfectly engineered to needs

to compensate for each other’s deeds.

He might be bold,

as the world is told.


yet he cries his heart out in front of her,

tells her the deepest of secrets,

of all the evils he ever met.

She leans on his shoulder for peace

He seeks her lap for pain to cease

He’s a bread earner,

even though a table turner.

She makes his house a home,

or else every place would be just a rotten dome.

We all depend for our needs,

to fulfill our deeds.

There is no winner,

because no matter what together will come the dinner.

Without one,

the world is incomplete.

The Boomerang Story


Lyrics in my ears ,

a small heart with million fears .

A love story

for which he was sorry.

I’m a boomerang,

his voice that sang

Now there is no conversation

I’m a boomerang

so there is no fixed station.

I keep going back

every time I do , something lacks

what? I don’t know

There’s emptiness

he calls it laziness.

I’m your boomerang

you hold me

let me know there’s place

smile with dimples on that face

then you throw me so far away

Do you want me to come back ?

Now we’re tired of the game

you have ego and fame

I’m not your object of interest anymore

This heart is now  sore

But I’m your boomerang

I’m designed to return

With this story I learn .

To look at you but never to turn.

Head over heels

Those almond shaped eyes

that looked out for me

As though I was a child.


I loved knowing that I was the reason.

alas ! for only  a season

of that beautiful smile

that’s now found , far, a thousand mile!

That dimple that perfected it all,

Boy, you made me fall!


Perfectly fitted white shirt

bringing out the man in you

Charmed me , oh so much!


When those hands met mine

there was nothing that could make me stronger

My breath couldn’t last longer!


Being with you made me feel beautiful,

when you stole those glances

and captured me in your embrace

your slow pace

as though you’d never let go!


I loved you that very time

But sometimes thoughts just remain

imbedded deep within


Steal glances, embrace and kiss me once again

Oh charming soul , take away this craving pain !

In my heart, Not control

All good things come to an end,

but who is there to mend?

that broken heart

and silent pain?


For immortality was my hope

but it had to end,

And i pondered how ill cope.


At the back of my mind

I knew long ago,

and so with tears inside and smiles outside,

I tried to join the part of myself

that was breaking

and shaking,

way out of my control.


I was surprised at my silence

and the patience that i showed.

I could hardly even believe

that i stood so strong

in  all these days gone.


But I guess, somewhere in there

it all remained

and my heart still longed and craved.


sadness turned into pain

and the tears just died within my eyes.

rolling on the bed and singing to myself,

the only options left.


at last i gave up,

because i realized the pain wouldnt cease

no war comes with easy peace.

I walked out of the balcony


watched the thunder make its way

through the clouds

Just like people come into our lives

The only difference here

is we admire the beauty of rain

and in reality with forget the tears and the pain

cz we’r so fascinated by the

momentous glory of the light in the dark sky.


the rain was when we started

and here it is again when we departed.