The Inevitable Bond

I hate that we are so far away,

I wish this time could just sway ,

Came to my life,

stay with me if you might.

Learn’t not to even bother.

and yet changed each other

We’ve got our liability

left all our serenity.

Lost all we had

Running around like mad!

So little time,

It all seems so shallow.

Who knows , what is to come?

Let me tell some

That our bond is just inseparable

No time , no place

its a difficult case.

But we’ve always fought

with people,

with life,

with pain ,

we’ll never quit the game!

Small glimpses ,

flashes of great times.!

So many countries ,

cities , worlds and people

It’s never ending,

No boy

no toy

Will ever part this love ,

We’ll turn back to this dove

Know we crossed the hard times,

You’r more than family

this is no calamity!

I’ll stand by you

Tell the world you’r mine

A Sister and everything!

you know this journey is longer than this

yet Ill say,

till death do us apart!

I love you 🙂