A Drop Of Uniqueness


 Fearful dense grey clouds scream out loud, begging for attention. Disturbing the peace of so many living beings down there, it forgets where it originally  got it’s source of strength from. The oceans below, still remain below and yet higher.

With every moment ,giving a part of itself to these majestic being, or that’s what they appear to be.
Out of the intense anger and fierce barking out of them, and between the thunder strikes falls a little drop; he’s a little being, fragile and scared. Unknown to this world.
No one to call his own, no one to whom he belongs. Or does he? Technicality is different, reality is another. Who is to nurture him and teach him his fate?
He steps down slowly, actually falling, wondering where gravity would take him. Alas! Foolish was  he for he tried to hold on to the air and wind that crossed his paths now and then. Little did he know how it feels to let go of something you love so dearly , or when you try to depend upon something other than yourself.
He journeyed down still hoping, learning and watching. He could feel the same wind that once comforted him giving him intense pressure and pain.


There were others like himself, drops of H20 making their way into the giant mass of rocks , soil and water. He wondered if they knew their destination or purpose of being but later he forgot about all the intense questions. The pain was unbearable, for gravity pulled him so strongly and the air pressured him.

In the world of complexity and materialism we forget the real questions of our actual being, the  question of who we really are and to whom we really belong. We forget.

So there he was travelling, his curiosity long gone. Misery upon himself.

He felt something shaking dramatically, something that almost killed him. He looked around and wondered, it wasn’t the air and it wasn’t the rocks below or the grey clouds above. This time it was him, changing.

From a little drop of water, he became a beautiful white web of being. He felt as though his confined self had discovered wings, like a butterfly was fluttering out a cocoon. What was this? Who was he?

The question had returned and now his destiny fulfilled.

He was now a  snowflake, not just a snowflake a beautiful, unique, self confident independent being.

The air, wind, clouds, pressure had transformed him, and the confusion made him confident.

He wasn’t just a drop of water and he didn’t look like the others anymore. He was different, he was now the true him.

So now his purpose is fulfilled, and his destiny lay back to where it belonged, in the ocean. Back, to where he belongs.


Whispers In The Cacophony


Every rain drop whispers as it seeps into the soil,

But you don’t hear it.

Every bird whispers notes scripted by the gods

But you don’t hear it.

Everybody beats a heart,

But you don’t hear it…


  Where are you lost? Are you that busy? Or are you that deaf? Even the deaf feel the rain, see the birds .Then where are you? Why are we waiting to tell someone we love them and at the same time waiting to be loved?

The busy roads,

Nullify the whispers of the toads.

Even the gods have come down,

But all you do is give them a frown!

The river still flows,

The cows still mow,

But all you see the colour of the crow.

Listen to the whispers in the cacophony of life

You’ll know life is beautiful,

You’ll know there are souls who believe,

Stop trying to be always so independent,

Togetherness is the nature of men!

Once in a while,

Hug, kiss and smile.

Hear the heart beat of those close to your life.

Listen to the whispers in the cacophony of life

The smile of a baby whispers happiness,

But you are too busy earning.

The cry of a girl whispers attention,

But you are too busy running behind someone else.

The first footsteps of a toddler whisper a start,

But you are too busy baking perfect tarts.

The dog’s wagging tail whispers companionship,

But you are too busy on face book.

The trees dancing in the wind, whisper songs of joy

But you are too busy downloading music.

Books whisper immortal truth,

Your mother’s eyes whisper love,

Your father’s hands whisper support,

Your sister’s anger whispers concern,

Your brother’s teasing whispers possessiveness,

And your inner voice?  Whispers bliss.

Everything is whispering to you and me

Only if you could see!