Stars and diamond,

Gold and silver; Bangles and earrings.

Oh, you beautiful beings.

In this dark I see,

Torched sonnets, words in scripted on walls and ceilings.

Beautiful phrases, good grammar.

Does this get better?

I want to read, every bit of this place. Enclosed yet open, heaven in a tunnel.

Shall I die here?

A husky voice!

Ah, treasured secrets but narrow visions.

This is love, this is lust.

I lust those lips, from which these words emerge.

Those eyes, who do you seek?

So much glamour. How words resonate in you!

Not every script is made for thy land.

Lie down with me, on the sand.

Fill every bit of this paper. With art, with music, with words!

Words that will awaken you, the ones that shall touch you.

Oh, his hand.

Sculpted with the colour of Adam, reflecting masculinity.

Not fair and fragile like hers.

Not painted, not jewelled. Just perfected.

He would hold the fountain pen, while she would hide in her den.

Her magic, his words.

The ones that read her curves.

Just above her belt, between the t-shirt; that little corner of her waist that peeped.

He had lusted her, but he loved words.

Now he loved her and lusted words.

His mysteries were now a maze.

Her beauty now his craze.



Smokes of Love From A Toxic Stick

ImageFrom the wrecked dirty window of her room she gazed at the slightly blackened building with spots of green. As though the grey clouds full of anger had left their marks on the once perfectly pretty structure.

She loved pondering, wondering. Stuff…

Smoke surrounded her, it had become a habit now, rather a part of her, just inhaling that toxic stick of pleasure.

“Maybe, I’m like the building. I was beautiful wasn’t I?”She asked the little gap of clean glass on her window that reflected her fragile face.

As she did, her eyes fixed upon the packet of Marlboro Gold. It reminded her of the cold winter night when she had first picked up that source of warmth ( the cigarette) . She was glad in a way, her shivering body did not need a man  and her red lipstick had found it’s place. Or so she thought.

A  creak from the door was left unheard. She wanted to be alone with some peace, she thought.

He traveled across the room buttoning his shirt as he walked up to her holding her waist from the back. He immediately  fitted his head on her cold shoulder and said, “Last night was amazing babe.” She smirked to herself and gradually tilted her head to acknowledge his compliment.

He turned her around and glided his hands across her arms, picking out the cigarette from between her fingers  and throwing it. He kissed her forehead and told her, “Don’t smoke?” She into his eyes like a homeless puppy. There was a mystery about her that  he could never solve.

He wanted to just hang there, in her closeness. He wanted to hold her, comfort her. But she, was ice. He wondered when she’d really open up to him. He stroked her cascade of hair, pulled her closer and kissed her. Every time he did, he wished to see the love he wanted to. The one he had seen in her pictures…

“Stop smoking? For me?”He said, she simply smiled. He knew she liked him, but for her  it wasn’t love.

She did not want to hurt him, she had even said that in her dreams.

She had fallen in love (or whatever that was) with too many people. Obsession maybe.

They all told her words of love, kisses, compliments, and yes, promises.

Promises of true love, of being mates for life. What was it after all?

She tried hard, every day, in and out, to recall one, just one relationship! That was true and lasting. If it’s true it ought to last right? Not in her case.

‘She forgot to give a chance,

got too lost in the egoistic dance.’

There he was waiting, in the same apartment. Yet she dreamed of a villa instead. She waited outside her window when he stood right there.

She lay her head on his chest as she heard his heartbeat when it occurred to her that she was lost in the smoky cloud of obsessions; and yes the building was like her. ‘Beautiful’. Alas, It was just her wrecked ‘dirty’ window that disillusioned her and made her lose her faith.

She smiled, dragged her head close to his cheek and silently thanked him. Somehow even in the silence he understood her acceptance and embraced her, this time forever.

‘Mine’, he thought. ‘So that’s what love is’, she smiled.