White hair.

Life flashes before my eyes, I can smell her hair that are now white. It had always been my definition of beauty. That scent.                                                                                       Over the years,it had become a part of me and yet I was never fulfilled. It still came from her, and I always lingered. The hunger still remained. I wish I could could take it with me. I can’t remember how many years we have been together, how many arguments we’ve had, the jewellery and clothes she owns but I do remember the first time she glanced at me, how she looked into my eyes with hers. When her curls spilled  themselves across her face and she took her hand to remove them.  Between her hair, through our eyes, our souls had caught on fire.

I lay in her lap, my life at her disposition, her toes touching my hair every now and then. I realised this is where I truly belonged. She was my goddess and I was here at her feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I was breathing my last breaths they exclaimed, don’t crowd him they said. I wanted to be there, at her feet. With the whole world in haziness and only her insight. Her, me, us and our memories. After all the phases, positions and places in our lives, I had found where I belonged. It took me my death bed to find that out. I wanted my last breaths to be taken away by her, her kisses had always made me breathless. Only because she was so passionate and so divine.

She asked me- “Shall I get up and lay you on the bed?”
Her white hair reflected the light from the tube and her wrinkled hands shivered as she said. I smirked and she smiled. we both knew the answer. A translucent layer of tears brimmed her eyes as she gleamed in sadness and happiness.
We both knew,
The night would come and a day anew
People would eventually scatter,
Go to their respective homes and chatter,
Come back to check on me in the morning,
There would be tears and a lot of mourning,
But we’ll be here smiling,
As our bodies will lay, side by side
Like the water with its tide.
In heaven we’ll meet as the world tells stories of our love; I’ll take her scent and she my touch.

He to the she

Of all the miseries,

after all the sacrifices she makes,

and all the risks she takes.

After dating all the girls he could find,

all the craziness he tried

finally ties the knot of her heart and his mind!

Different worlds , different people.

For her he changes,

opens her fairytale pages

for which she always waited.

More than lust,

more than mere trust!

He’s a shoulder to lean,

the one to  wipe her tears.

whisper words of love and remove all her fears.

Adam and eve,

barbie and ben,

eternal love ? Or perfect ten?

Earth without water?

There’s he in she

Man in woman,

They are meant to be,

can’t you just see ?

Perfectly engineered to needs

to compensate for each other’s deeds.

He might be bold,

as the world is told.


yet he cries his heart out in front of her,

tells her the deepest of secrets,

of all the evils he ever met.

She leans on his shoulder for peace

He seeks her lap for pain to cease

He’s a bread earner,

even though a table turner.

She makes his house a home,

or else every place would be just a rotten dome.

We all depend for our needs,

to fulfill our deeds.

There is no winner,

because no matter what together will come the dinner.

Without one,

the world is incomplete.