On the floor of nothing, I’ll lie bare.

In the air of emptiness, I’ll lie bare.

Drink the immortality or maybe death,

Whichever is calmer, whichever sweeter.

Bareness. Empty. Hollow.

There’s place; Lot’s and lot of place.

It’s what you fill it with.

Now it’s  just a little too cluttered.

Filled with crap.  Hatred. Remorse. Disgust.

I rather be empty; Bare.


I’m not smarter or wiser. I’ll be putty in your spell.

If you’re wiser , smarter.

I’ll let you rule over me, let you hold me and comfort me.

But will you? Love me?

Did you ever love me when I was born?

Did you ever want me when I came?

You din’t.

So now I want to be, Empty. Pure, virgin, untouched.

But you, want me full, hurt, bruised and broken!


If you can’t wipe my tears, don’t be the reason.

If you can’t love me, don’t hate.

If you can’t let me live, don’t poison me.

If you can’t be mine,  leave.

If you can’t fill me, free me, leave me,

Simply, bare.


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